The restaurant-bar serves a wide variety of Asian and European cuisine with an emphasis on seafood, and we have a wood-fired oven for our thin-crust pizzas.

We pride ourselves on our delicious food and friendly service. Our menu has been specially selected to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Our vibe is relaxed: spend the day with us and wriggle your toes in the sand as you enjoy your meal and count the turtles as they pop up for air, or come and enjoy a sunset cocktail – our daiquiris and margaritas are renowned!

No reservation necessary for parties of less than 15 people.
Take Away Menu

Pasta (Chicken Mushroom/Bacon Mushroom) Rs.2700.00
Risotto (Seafood/Bacon M./Chicken M.) Rs.2700.00
Seared Tuna Steak with Chips & Salad Rs.2900.00
Grilled Prawns or Calamari or Fish with Chips & Salad Rs.2700.00
Thai Green Curry with Prawns or CShicken Rs.2700.00
Sri Lanka Curry with Prawns or Chicken Rs.2700.00
Prawans Avocado Salad Rs.2700.00
(Please asked for about the vegetarian options
Desserts: Ill Gelato Ice Cream Rs.900.00
Pizza Menu

Margarita Rs.1800.00
Smoked Chicken / Pepper(Capsicum) Rs.2500.00
Bacon / Mushroom Rs.2500.00
Bacon / Pineapple Rs.2500.00
Ham / Pineapple Rs.2500.00
Anchovies / Capers Rs.2500.00
Tuna / Red Onion Rs.2500.00
Seafood Rs.2500.00
Olive / Feta Rs.2500.00
Spinach / Feta Rs.2500.00
Salami Rs.2800.00
Make you own Pizza (Choose 4 Toppings) Rs.2800.00